SEO Trends in 2014 - natural website SEO Method

SEO for your website is to make your website gain trust with the highest index of google, however there are hundreds of indicators to evaluate and rank keywords and website that google regulations. When doing SEO is difficult to know which indicators will be most important for google and your keywords were affected by factors in the most public, so SEO methods are becoming popular.
Sure, after a series of reforms of Google and a growing number of mechanisms to catch errors is to find methods SEOer "Natural SEO" is the most safe and wise. At PBS, since early 2013 we began research on many sites and tested by this method and were really surprised about the effectiveness of the project. On the basis of this success, make sure the "Natural SEO" PBS will be widely disseminated and become the best SEO trends for years to come.

pbs nature seo

Why "Natural SEO" has become necessary?
- In addition to the above analysis, the aim is to do the SEO highest position of 10 positions "natural search results" because google wants to bring users the best data, the most natural.
- Method of Natural SEO Google will never find fault, never affected by the new algorithm, the sanctions from google.
- The user friendly with the conversion rate will help target customers coming to your website higher.
- Stability of the search results, low cost website maintenance Thanks very much and you seem to be completely assured of his position.

So "Natural SEO"? how
In the limit of PBS article can only summarize the main ideas of natural SEO methods stems from your understanding of the mission of Google and search engines, the mechanism of action of google What is. "Natural SEO" - is a very abstract concept requires SEOer right thickness for experienced, calm and no ambition.
When you work just always think "natural" is to make sure you will be calmer, do not ever do extraordinary things with user rules such as: find your website and click the location from Its key is in the last page. If you do you ever find the place looking down there when needed?
Just remember the rules and criteria for users of Google's mission to make sure you will succeed.