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10 Steps to Building & brand development for the Enterprise

Starting a business is like you save up the money to build a dream home and the branding and you can not start from the number 0 comes up, but that's a long way to you strive for. However, if we consider the process of brand building like a human, then this process will be simpler and more accessible.

1. Market research is essential trading tools, understand the market as it means that you are more successful. This is considered the first step in the construction and development of the brand, you need to answer 5 questions: What? When? Where? Who? and How? You need to clearly define what business that you, the core values ​​of what it is, what time is reasonable launch, where to sell and to whom, and finally how customers feel about your product you, if you define the key that will help you avoid a lot of bad decisions.

2. Choose the destination that you really want to be, this job will not fit if you're the kind of person not sociable, friendly, will not have a famous brand that does not have a connection, promote the founder of it. On the other hand, if your goal is only profit matters, you should stop investing in brand building.

3. Always be your main issue here is about identity and brand positioning

4. The Corporate Identity design is simple but still stand out in the crowd it was remembering his own image in the consumer's mind.

5. Saves Never forget the trademark registration if you do not want your brain stolen

6. Develop a system to ISO brand and reasonably detailed written administrative papers, this document will be issued to each individual

7. A slogan or a manifesto or mission / vision is a sufficient condition for a process to build and brand development. But if not chosen a slogan really the best quality you should not use any slogan.

8. Your brand will represent a product or service so that the selection of brand strategy must be considered clear, specific and have developed various plans, you are specialist part in its field

9. Ads in any way that you can, take advantage of every means to present our brand with the impression from the first appearance

10. The companion Always reliable and friendly not only for your customers / that should be public.