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Convergence optimization search (SEO) is what?

SEO work is to improve and promote a website with the aim of increasing the number of people that visit the website through search engines. There are many aspects to SEO website from the keywords on your site to other Web sites linked to your site. Sometimes SEO is simply to make sure that your website is structured in accordance with the standards specified search engine and it's easier to find and understand the structure of your website.


Optimizing search engines is not just about "stuff" it also makes your site better for everyone. At PBS we believe two moral principles that go together.

SEO Process in PBS is designed to describe all areas of SEO since the discovery of terms and phrases (keywords) to generate traffic, to make 1 website became friendly with impairment engines, to build links and promote the unique value of the website or the services of the organization. Do not worry if you're confused about this stuff, not your own