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Strategies in Marketing

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing - SEO Company Resources PBS

1. The leading Principles.
As the first ever product has advantages over better products

2. Principles of categories.
If you can not be the first product of a category, change the nature of this category, or create a new category you can be first product.

3. Principles ladder.
The strategy that you will apply depending on the ladder you are standing a few things.

4. The dual principle.
In the long run, every race will then remain only two horses.

5. Principles of thought and perception.
Marketing is not a battle of products, it is a battle of perceptions of customers, and sometimes dominate the perception of the customer before creating an advantage to penetrate the market than before.

6. Principle of concentration.
The concept has the highest impact in marketing is owning a word in the minds of potential customers.

7. Principle of expansion.
The expansion marks a pressure usually can not resist.

8. Principles of unique advantages and Vietnam
Owning a dominant position in the Vietnamese mindset of customers is vital, marketing is an ongoing effort in the process of finding unique.

9. Principle of the division.
Over time, a category will divide and products into two (or more) categories.

10. Principles of heart.
Marketing strategies without emotion will not be effective.

11. Principles of properties
When you have to focus on product features, any aspect also has an antagonistic properties and effectiveness.

12. Principles of candor
When you accept a downside, potential customers will give you an advantage

13. Principle of sacrifice.
Want to be a thing you have to give up something else.

14. Principles of success.
Success often leads to arrogance, and arrogance to failure

15. Principles failure
Failure is to be expected and accepted

16. Principles of unpredictable factors.
Unless you are the one who prepared the plans of competitors, you never know what will happen in the future.

17. Principles of hype
The actual situation is often the opposite of what appeared in the newspaper.

18. The acceleration principle
Successful programs are not built on fads, but based on trends

19. Principles of perspective.
Effects usually occur marketing and prolonged

20. Principles of hostility
If you aim at second place, your strategy decided by the leader

21. The origin principle.
Made of brand quality is often more important

22. Principle of resources.
There is not enough funding and expertise needed, the idea may not come true and the brand can not be built.
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